Dads and Doulas

Doula and dad

Doulas Do Not Replace Dads!

Dads have a very important role in supporting their birthing partner. Dads share in the decision making, attend prenatal classes and want to be active in the birth of their child. During labour, they provide comfort measures, encouragement, nourishment for the birthing woman and can run interference and advocate with caregivers when necessary. The birth of baby is anticipated with excitement and sometimes a little fear. Here the doula can teach, reassure and help dad prepare to share this emotionally profound time with his partner.

Once everyone is home, dads may be active in the care of their newborn and the new mom. Dads often share in household tasks too, while having returned to their jobs outside the home. Postpartum doulas can provide the support required for everyone to enjoy their new family roles.

Some dads have expressed a feeling of relief that their doula was there to provide guidance and support to them as well!

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