What is a doula?

The name doula ( pronounced doo-lah ) is derived from a Greek word. Translated it means woman servant - an experienced woman who serves the mom, her partner and family members through childbirth and the early postpartum period.

A doula's role is one of support to the woman who is preparing herself and her family for the birth of the baby. Doula's provide educational, emotional and physical support during pregnancy and childbirth. Doulas also assist the new family with tending to the newborn's needs during the transition period. Doulas do not replace the woman's partner, but rather support both the woman and her partner. The doula is not a medical care provider, so neither does she performs clinical procedures, replace medical care providers nor speak for them. She assists them in gathering information and evidence for informed choices.

During early family life, doulas provide breastfeeding support, assistance with newborn care, sibling and family care.

As a certified doula, I abide by the Code of Ethics and Standard of Practice and Statement of Goals of DONA International, CAPPA Canada and DoulaCARE.

To learn more about Doulas, please view the following videos:
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