If you're an expectant mom visiting this site, chances are that you already have some feelings about the way in which you would like to give birth to your baby... and how a Prenatal or Childbirth Educator and Birth Doula can help you through that journey.

If you're a new mom visiting this site...you may have already heard of how a Postpartum Doula can help you with the transition in this new phase of your life.

Finding a doula to accompany you in the birth of your child or to work with you as you transition in parenthood, isn't only about the education and experience we come to you with. It is about the feeling that you have in your heart about the person you wish to join you...and you'll know it when you meet.

I'm trained and certified by DONA International, CAPPA Canada and several other organizations and I mentor new doulas. Continually upgrading, expanding my qualifications and keeping current with research enables me to share the most up to date information. I feel very privileged to accompany my clients through their birth experience and the new days of parenting. My work is my dream - it is the whisper of my heart - and I would be honoured to share it with you.

I provide education and support to expectant and new parents in
York Region including Thornhill, Richmond Hill, Oak Ridges, King City, Maple, Vaughan, Woodbridge, Aurora, Newmarket, Gormley, Markham, Stouffville, as well as Bradford, Goodwood, Toronto and Uxbridge.
Please see services I offer and contact me to set up a no-obligation meeting.


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